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’LAGOM’ Word of Swedish origin, meanings: just good, just enough, just the right amount.

For Swedes, lagom is the key to everyday happiness. It represents the Swedish cultural and social ideals of equality and fairness. In addition to creating a personal balance, it means a kind of social agreement. It also provides development opportunities for the individual and its environment, while creating appropriate social and societal values and a high level of quality.

As a member of a Hungarian-owned DOME Group, we are a company with more than 15 years professional background. Enjoying the full support of the DOME Group, during our joint cooperation we design and implement living spaces for business, workspace, public and personal purposes and provide our customers with complex space solutions.

In the full spectrum of the realization of these living spaces, 
we provide support and complex solutions, focusing on either detailed subtasks or the entire picture in mind.

From the birth of the demand, we provide our clients with consulting on technical and organizational development, planning, design, smart office solutions, project management and fit-out services. These processes start with data design and analyses.

Our conviction is that the built environment has a message
for ourselves and our partners.

Our Services


We recommend this service to our clients who want to implement their space design processes without the involvement of subcontractors or external experts.



In the examination of feasibility study, we implement the given project as efficiently as possible in the shortest possible time, keeping in mind the aspects of construction by cost optimization.

We provide a complex service during our design process. In close cooperation with our customers, we create living spaces that fit their needs. We provide a high-quality, environmentally conscious design approach, even together with our intelligent workplace and smart office solutions services.


Analysing the activities, habits, work processes and specific needs of our customers, we offer space- and occupancy-optimized options for cost-effective and safe office design at the same time.

intelligens megoldások szolgáltatás


We offer our engineering and organizational development consulting services to our clients who wants to reduce the financial and engineering risks of their future investments.

Our expert colleagues with appropriate experiences represent the interests of our clients and provide assistance in decision-making on investments, transformation and development.


We have several years of experience in the construction and reconstruction of tenements, rental premises and common areas in commercial and office properties. Even in office spaces in use, we undertake to develop the envisioned interiors together with our customers.

This Is Our Lagom

Each of our customers have different needs.

We build LAGOM’s mission on individual, unique customer demands and offer complex space design solutions. We believe in the power of moderate, sustainable, simple, professional and efficient work.

iroda kialakítás

The characteristic of the lagom sense, lifestyle or attitude is the pursuit of moderation, balance, harmony and uniqueness based on the ideal of ‘neither too little, nor too much’.

We offer our customers a complex solution with combining a modern approach, sustainability and learning about system-wide changes within the organization.

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