Our basis of approach is focusing on our customers. Personalization of spaces, the uniqueness of interior design solutions is important for us.

In the interior design process, in close cooperation with our customers, we create living spaces that fit their needs. We provide a high-quality, environmentally conscious design approach, even together with our intelligent workplace and smart office solutions services.

We offer solutions for the design of existing buildings and properties, exclusive inner spaces/interiors, offices, showrooms, in the design sections of commercial and factory units, and the implementation of intelligent workplaces, smart office solutions and our services as well.

Design szöveg kísérőstock

In this cooperation with our customers, we determine claims:

  • We work out concept plans, spatial arrangement solutions
  • We make material and procurement proposal
  • We make tender and fit-out planning (interior and furnishing design over and above 3D visual design planning)
  • We create interior, design elements corresponding to the company image and we implement them in the new space
  • We work out lightning technology concept plans

In the Design&Build service processes, we provide a high level of security for our investors or clients with careful and thoughtful planning that also takes into account the aspects of fit-out constructions.

With the examination of feasibility and budget optimizing, we implement the projects in the shortest possible time and the most efficient way.

With us, the client receives a totally finished product which is managed by our team of highly qualified engineers at every stage of this production. With this step we ensure that the best decisions are made, even on the smallest issues that seems insignificant.

Design-and-Build szöveg kísérőstock

With our service, the usual phenomena can be avoided in the general construction process. For example, the constantly evolving changes, the issues that places the client in an unjustified decision-making situation, or the continuous brainstorming of the subcontractors.

As a result, not only a continuous change or delay in the project completion date can be avoided, but a significant reduction can also be achieved in unplanned costs. During construction investments, we provide a comprehensive and complex service, managing the roles of designers and contractors in a unified way and eliminating the possible differences in interests.